Technical Rating of Articles

Technical Rating System

Getting help or solving items yourself is a good thing if it can be done effectively and without mistakes. We aim to apply a technical rating to articles where possible and this is based on technical experience required to understand or complete tasks. These may be abbreviated as TR1, TR2 and TR3.

Every individual learns through experience and persistence.

Technical Rating 1. (TR1)

  1. Powering computers off and on
  2. Connecting cables
  3. Completing forms

Technical Rating 2. (TR2)

  1. Replacing accessories and parts
  2. Adjusting user settings
  3. Setting up services with devices (ie email)
  4. Installing software accepting default selection

Technical Rating 3. (TR3)

  1. Understanding technical reasons and goals (Planning)
  2. Applying advanced settings to servers or online services
  3. DNS Management
  4. Security issues
  5. Backup and recovery of data

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