Connect your mobile device using Microsoft ActiveSync


knowledge of your own email address, password, additionally, your mail server address details may be required.
If you have a working device near you that uses the same email system (a friend or work colleague) check their settings to compare

New Devices

These are generic steps, mobile device vendors will have a similar process or guides to setup email.
  1. Using your new phone or tablet device, start your email application
  2. Setup a new email account
  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync
  4. Enter your email address, and when prompted enter your password, you may need additional details such as mail server address.


Check your password is correct?

Before requesting further assistance, you may test your own password using webmail access.

Private Webmail Services
This is typically - rename to match your own company/provider address

Public Webmail Services

Note, do not attempt more than 3 password submissions in a short period of time, if you keep trying to use incorrect passwords your account will be automatically locked out for a period of 1 hour or more.

Password reset

Please submit a support ticket.

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