Archiving Email Content

There are many ways to archive emails, the consideration is about accessibility and costs (or your time).

Questions email archiving creates?

Example: Using Microsoft Outlook for your daily email access, you run out of mailbox space and need to archive the content - Below are these exact scenarios that affect all email users at some point.
  1. Do you know how to export from Outlook to a PST file?
  2. What do you choose to keep in the active mailbox account and what items export to PST archive?
  3. Do you have many email folders that are contact based vs Time based? During an archive task, some older items may appear to vanish from a existing folder to an archive file folder meaning name based folders are harder to archive as archives are time based, not name besed. (ie folder "Tom Jones" has one email from 2002 vs time based folders with relevant content within labelled as 2012, 2013, 2014...)
  4. How do you access the archive when needed?
  5. How do you access the archive on a different computer?
  6. How do you ensure you have a backup of the archive once created... remember, during a archive task you are removing content from your daily mailbox account so to ensure you have more than a single copy you need to create a backup of the the archive created.
  7. Providers, should they have a responsibility? (short answer is no) Reasons are not specific to one item but as users can delete, move and rename email items as they please the mail providers are not in a position to manage user decisions or prevention of user errors via policy or service implementation.
  8. How often do I archive? if I was infected with malware today, how would a aged archive affect my business if (as example) I was missing 6 months of content since last archive was done. (Most customers answer: never, its not something that can be afforded)

How to Archive?

Archive in transit

Our service is a MX network with built-in mail archiving. This is paired with your own archives regardless if a single user or a business server.
As the email is archived during transmission, we retain a separate copy of the email your mailbox or server stores regardless of your own archiving method.

As our archive is focused on the last 30 days of email, it is best suited for on-premise mail servers that require time incident/event restore vs full 1st day restore.

Software archiving

Built-in tools or 3rd party software items that create a separate archive of your email, many software tools like "Veeam" backup solutions perform this task. Also archive storage needs to be backed up so malware encryption and human error deleting local archives is not carried over to the archive backup.

Note, gmail and other email services are subjected to the same security and user archive issues, this can be external security events or staffing issues.

Without archiving its very hard to un-do any incident.

The best solution?

Well the best solution is the one with multiple copies of your data using different archive methods to remove a single point of archive failure, so combining our MX delivery archive with your archiving processes allows your business to be sure you can compare results and restore a copy. The primary benefit of our delivery archive is it does not require software to be installed prior to restore, these are sent to a email address you nominate.

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