SMTP Delivery Service

Our in-house email service has the service option for SMTP delivery for on-premise services and devices.


Built-in email archive for auditing and re-delivery, many SMTP services charge extra for email archiving for something rarely used. This used by our team once a ticket has been submitted.

This is especially useful to pair with your business backups, if a on-premise server has a failure event and is restored to a previously dated backup we can re-send the time difference between backup and current date/time for up to 30 days difference.

Many office scanners and point-of-sale software do not offer TLS authentication or two-factor authentication methods to allow the use of popular email services so a SMTP relay server is required to send emails.

Basic auditing, another feature wanted by businesses but typically costly for the usage and training required. Using the archive feature included this service is often used by customers when staff leave, the primary objective is to check staff recent activity for sending important information to other email accounts ie competitors or home email addresses.
Note: This does not prevent usage of or log usage of individuals using external webmail services ie or - This activity directly skips internal business services (and email logging). This level of restriction requires on-premise network level management services. (Complexity level 3)

Finally, logging - As we maintain our SMTP network and various hosted mailbox services we can inspect logs when needed to give you a direct answer (but expect this to be technical answer). Things like SMTP sender IP addresses used in malware distribution (phishing attacks), in-valid or lapsed domain names are all common reasons we reject any email. It is better to know you have a issue sooner than assume everything is A-OK before you end up on email blacklists.


A New Zealand business registration number, we only allow genuine customers.

Our SMTP delivery service requires that a customer has a static IP for each site required to send emails (typical for dedicated servers) - Ask your internet provider for this item.

On-premise mail servers need to using be our MX network (subject to our email policy and filtering), alternatively you may choose to BCC email content from your on-premise email server to our email archive service but you will still require a static IP and BCC delivery is to a non-standard SMTP port. BCC can add complexity to novice users and often using our MX delivery network with the included email filtering is a benefit to our customers over the BCC method of email archiving as many small businesses omit server level mail filtering and anti-malware policies.

Finally, using our MX network allows 48 hours of delivery retention so emails are not instantly rejected during your on-premise events. This allows time to restart servers, restore services or even send queued emails to a new server during an outage, regardless if planned or un-planned.


No customer has direct access to the email archive system or logging, this was done to reduce system complexity and eliminate compromised customer devices accessing archives. This also prevents customer's internal staff access as the option has been removed so seeing archived emails not intended for certain eyes is not possible.


NZD$10+ GST monthy per customer (not per site)

We only allow static IP authentication for SMTP delivery, there is no direct customer access to the email archive and retrieval from archive is limited to email items no older than 30 days.
See our email policy here:

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